Why do people read blogs in working hours?

I've started so I'll finish. The previous post, 'What is Blog-Spirituality?' began  to answer questions posed by the Vernacular Vicar in his post last year (as the Vernacular Curate), that I had just caught up on. (Call me slow if you like.)

I promised a series of posts in response to his questions. Here's the 2nd in the series.

One question he asked was why people read blogs more in 'working hours' than other times, for example weekends or public  holidays? You may know whether or not the premise is true. Assuming it is, here's my 1st thoughts about why people might read blogs more in working hours.

Some Reasons Why People Read Blogs in Working Hours

  • Some read blogs in working hours because they are paid to do so, it's in their job description, so reading blogs is work.
  • Some read blogs in working hours as part of keeping up with new developments/people in their field, so reading relevant professional blogs is work.
  • Some read blogs in their work-place for relaxation during a coffee or meal break, so it's not work, but is OK.
  • Some read blogs during working hours instead of working because they find their work boring. This is defrauding their employer (if they have one). 
  • Some read blogs because they are not at work but are awake.
Well, that's a start. Any other ideas? When do you read blogs? And why then?


  1. Could it also perhaps have something to do with the age of the blog readers.
    After all, many bloggers and readers are retired and it's an interesting (and occasionally enlightening) way of passing idle hours.

  2. Good point Ray - also unemployed, people travelling for work by public transport, students,mothers on maternity leave or at home with young children...the list could go on...

  3. That's interesting, I had leaned towards thinking it was mostly no.4, but I guess the others could equally as much be true :) I tend to read blogs in the evening because I'm just too busy with the children during the day!

  4. Rhoda.I think the 4th on my list of reasons is probably not the most common reason, but not having done any research on this, I don't know.


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