I've been tinkering about with the look of the blog and changed it.

What do you think?


Or not? 


  1. Definite improvement. Looks a lot cleaner and crisper. Didn't want to mention it previously but wasn't a big fan of the pink.

  2. I agree. Look good and loads well.

  3. Very nice and also great in mobile version.

  4. Thanks for comments. I was aiming at cleaner and crisper. It seems to load well - at least for you Perpetua - and for me on Google Chrome on my computer and on my mobile The pink was meant to be purple, but I discovered to my horror that it looked pink on some browsers. Now it is my favourite blue which I experience as relaxing, not cool (i.e. not cold.) It's still not as I would like, but as Shirley Conran once said, 'life is too short to stuff a mushroom' and getting tomorrow's sermon prep finished took priority.


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