How to Understand Social Media

Just when I think I'm beginning to grasp what social media is about, everything changes and moves on. It's a pity about the spelling of doughnut, but I'm grateful to Mich Sineath  for this photo explaining social media. At the moment I am not eating a doughnut and even if I was I wouldn't tell you on Twitter or 'like' doughnuts on Facebook. As for Four Square - please can someone explain to me what the point of it is? Apart from telling burglars you are not at home, or providing help for stalkers?

I am now going to share some supper. I won't tell you where. It won't be doughnuts, I won't create a photo or video of it. I won't be pinning up the recipe in Pinterest. Happy weekend to all!


  1. Now I really want to know what you had for supper... Or not, actually. Love the illustration.

  2. As I'm sure you know, the sole purpose of all the above 'social media' gadgets is to pinpoint the most trivial aspect of each day's purposeless trivia and relay it to as many other sad sad individuals as possible. So that we can all be equally bored.

    After all it would be a pity if anyone were to miss such riveting stuff.

  3. Nancy, this sums up beautifully why the nearest I come to social media is blogging. :-)

  4. Wendy - we had beef canelloni - not that you wanted to know. Thanks for your comment. It led me to your blog and had a quick read which I enjoyed - will return.
    Ray - doesn't it depend how people use the gadgets? e.g. Twitter - I'm on Twitter, but avoid following people who only post things like 'I am eating a donut'- I've found Twitter useful for keeping in touch with topics and organizations I'm really interested in.
    Perpetua - you blog beautifully Perpetua. Have you really managed to avoid Facebook and Twitter?

    1. Absolutely, Nancy. Facebook because my DH really isn't happy about it and Twitter because I spend enough time at my desk on the computer already and don't have a smartphone or a tablet. Also I blog anonymously for my family's sake. Though anyone who knows me in real life would soon see behind the pseudonym, I don't want my real name all over the internet and cannot join either FB or Twitter without giving it, which is also the reason I'm giving Google+ a miss.


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