Life-giving Trees

I'm watching a pair of red kites flying to and from the top of a tree I can see from my study window. They are carrying huge twigs as they build this year's nest. I tried last year to capture this in a photo, but my camera isn't up to it.

If you've taken a good photo of a tree you could use it to help 'A Rocha' International plant 800 trees in Ghana where since 1990 one quarter of its forest cover has been felled. Here's how. Their free environment resource pack for use by churches is 'The Life of Trees and The Tree of Life'. It's coming soon, ready for World Environment Day on 5 June. It should be worth a look. 

What a dreadful misuse of our planet that collectively we humans have cleared so much forest, often without thought to replacement or the devastating environmental results. The most widely recognized symbol of Christianity (the cross) is a felled tree. What a dreadful misuse of a valuable resource to crucify someone on a tree. The tree on which Jesus was crucified is not only a symbol of death but also of redemption, a tree of Life that the worst we can do cannot destroy.

Continuing with the 'Count Your Blessings' way through Lent, today Christian Aid suggests giving 20p if you can see a tree from your window. I can see at least 50 trees. What a blessing. Trees are beautiful. Trees are essential to life on this planet - something which we forget at our peril. There are numerous ways in which human life depends on trees.

Christian Aid's partner CPI is successfully helping the Quilombola people in the northern Amazon rainforests to exercise their legal claims for collective ownership of the lands they have occupied for generations. You can read more about Christian Aid's work in Brazil here.  And why not take 90 seconds to watch this beautiful video about the Quilombola people.

Tree image: MorgueFile Free Photo


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