Displaced Persons

Forced migration as a result of conflict affects so many people in the world. There's nothing new about it of course. I suppose it has always been a fact of war. But that doesn't make the injustices and the suffering of it any easier for people to bear.

I remember that even 15 years after the end of World War II my school collected toiletries and other essentials to send to people still living in Displaced Persons Camps. This was as a result of the chaos caused by and following the war. It was the humanitarian disaster evident in Europe in May 1945 that led to the founding of Christian Aid, as well as other humanitarian relief organizations. Christian Aid continues to work with partner organisations around the world to help people affected by conflict.

People affected by conflicts around the world are displaced, on average, for 20 years, according to today's message from Christian Aid's 'Count Your Blessings' Calendar for Lent 2012. I have never become a displaced person as a result of conflict or any other reason. For this I am very grateful to God.

Christian Aid today suggests you give 20p for every house move you have chosen to make. That's about 12 for me, so £2.20p for Christian aid.


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