Freedom of Movement

A bit late in the day and no time to do much, but I'm determined to stick with a daily post in Lent following the Christian Aid 'Count Your Blessings's calendar.

Today the focus is on some of the effects of the conflict in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory which has continued to affect the most basic of Palestinian human rights, such as freedom of movement. I would love to write a lot about this, but time and energy don't permit this - another time perhaps. So maybe this photo of the West Bank barrier wall can speak for itself. I'm off to bed to nurse my cold.

Christian Aid suggests giving 20p if you have a passport and 10p for every trip out of Britain you have made in the last 12 months. I have a passport and have made one trip out of Britain in the last 12 months, so that's 30p. Doesn't seem much in gratitude for the freedoms I enjoy.


  1. I think the photograph does indeed speak for itself - what a sad, intractable situation.

    Now go to bed and nurse your cold!

  2. Thank you Lay Anglicana - I feel slightly better today after a long night's sleep. Yes the situation in Israel, occupied Palestinian territories, West Bank and Gaza etc. is tragic and there seems no solution that would satisfy the needs of all in the area to feel safe and enjoy freedom. I was particularly shocked by a visit to Bethlehem in 2010 and the situation of Palestinians living in Bethlehem having to queue at checkpoints at about 4 am in order to get into work in Jerusalem (7 miles away)by 8 am - for people like builders'labourers not being on time would mean no pay that day and therefore no food for a poor family. We went through after only a short queue sitting in air-conditioned comfort on a tourist bus. Armed soldiers boarding the bus and checking us all was only a minor inconvenience.

  3. Last year I wanted to follow the Christian Aid challenge of living off one pound a day for food. It would only have affected me, but my husband was not impressed at the thought of abandoning family meals and complained I would waste away! This year I am following an Ignatian prayer journey online resource and finding that meaningful. Yet, I have been so busy recently, that Holy Week is here and it has taken me by surprise:)

    1. Suem - thanks for commenting. I was wondering about trying the £1 a day food challenge during the next Christian Aid week in May, but probably won't. I think it can only work if you do it as a whole household commitment. By then there'll be salad stuff to harvest in the garden and a few onions left hanging in the garage that we grew last year - how do I cost that? And what if we're invited to eat at a friend's house? Can't cope with all those complications. Yes, Holy Week is approaching very fast this year - I've noticed that too.


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