Justice and Protection

The Rio Cuango is one of the richest sources of gem diamonds in Angola, a country where in spite of its rich natural resources including oil, most of the people are poor.

The focus of Christian Aid's 'Count Your Blessings' calendar this week is peace and reconciliation. Nowhere is that more needed than in places like Angola after decades of conflict and a civil war that killed and brutalised so many. Christian Aid's partner agencies there work on
  • pressurising the government to protect human rights and invest in essential infrastructure, 
  • HIV prevention and awareness
  • climate change adaptation for secure livelihoods
You can read more about this through the links on this page of Christian Aid's website

In the UK I have never faced feeling forced to bribe an official in order to get access to a service or something I need. In the last year one in three people in Angola faced such a demand. 

Christian Aid suggests today giving thanks for our government and police who act for our protection. 


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