No poverty in an ideal world

What would your ideal world look like?

Fast forward to say the year 2030. What global changes would you like to see by then?

Today I learn from Christian Aid's  'Count Your Blessings' Lent calendar that
"Christian Aid's ideal world in 2030 would be one free from poverty and the effects of climate change."
Christian Aid has a manifesto for change in relation to poverty. it highlights 8 of the global issues that underpin poverty. These are:

  • climate change
  • conflict
  • corruption
  • disaster
  • food and agriculture
  • health
  • inequality
  • tax

Christian Aid suggests today that you should
"pray for those who are currently living with the effects of climate change."
One of the effects of prayer is to change the attitude and behaviour of the person praying. I do believe that prayer changes things, but sometimes God asks us to be the answer to our prayers. Now what might that mean as we pray for a world free of poverty?

The countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change are in the developing world. One example of this is the increasing frequency of drought in Kenya. Have a look at this case study from the severe drought of August 2009.

Image of a happy planet earth from Wikimedia Commons


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