How many toilets to you have in your house? We have the luxury of 2, linked to mains water and sewage systems. It's a blessing I easily take for granted.

One of the Millennium Development Goals is to halve the proportion of people in the world living without basic sanitation by 2015. In 2010 there were still 2.6 billion people without safe sanitation facilities. Many organisations are working to change this.

Humphrey Oduor lives in the slum area of Kiambiu  in Nairobi, Kenya. Christian Aid's 'Count Your Blessings' Lent calendar for this weekend says this about him
"A decade ago, trapped in a cycle of violence and crime, Humphrey could not have imagined that he would be driving change within his community in Kenya. With help from Christian Aid partner Maji na Ufanisi, Humphrey learnt the skills needed to lead Kiambiu Youth Group and now runs one of the five water and sanitation blocks Maji built in Kiambiu."
Christian Aid's partner Maji na Ufanisi (Water and Development) is an NGO with special expertise in working in partnership to bring water and sanitation to disadvantaged people in Kenya.

Christian Aid suggests that this weekend you:

  1. Give thanks for young people throughout the world who want to make a real difference.
  2. Give 10p for every rubbish bin or waste-paper basket you have in your home. We have 10, so that's £1 in the kitty for Christian Aid.


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