Unity, Freedom and Justice

Sierra Leone is one of the most fertile countries in West Africa, but also one of the poorest and hungriest after its brutal civil war that ended 10 years ago. It's motto is 'Unity, Freedom and Justice' - a noble aspiration, but much work still needed for that vision to become a reality for all.

This country will be the focus of Christian Aid Week 2012 (13 - 19 May).

The Methodist Church of Sierra Leone (MCSL) is one of Christian Aid's partners. Among other work aimed at tackling poverty MCSL has a project in the Bonthe region. This is part of a campaign to reform the chieftancy systems, working with local communities and chiefs to make the system more democratic and ensure marginalised people such as women and young men have a voice and are involved directly in development to improve lives. 

Today the Christian Aid 'Count Your Blessings' Lent calendar tells me that: Christian Aid partner MCSL works with Sierra Leonean chieftancy systems to resolve conflict. It suggests praying for people living in conflict today. My reaction to that is 'where do I start'? What do you say?


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