What does 9 tonnes of CO2 look like?

I had absolutely no idea what 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide looks like, until I looked at this representation of only one tonne in Copenhagen

According to the Count Your Blessings Lent calendar from Christian Aid: 9 tonnes is the amount of carbon dioxide generated in Britain by each person per year.

So imagine this giant balloon times nine.

Or imagine a 27 metre square cube times 9.

Here's a 27 metre square cube in a multimedia  art installation in Copenhagen.

In Nicaragua each person generates 0.8 tonnes. This central American country is feeling very keenly the effects of climate change, less predictability of weather patterns and greater extremes. You can read about this on this page from Oxfam.

Christian Aid suggests today that you give 50p for every flight you have taken in the last 12 months. I've taken 2 (short-haul) flights, so that's £1. 


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