What's this selection of grubby coins from my purse got to do with anything? It's less than £1 which these days doesn't seem worth much.

Well, for a start, imagine this is all the money you had to live on each day. How would you spend it and how would you survive?

This is the last week of Christian Aid's 'Count Your Blessings' calendar for this year. I considered not writing about it this week as it is Holy Week. But having posted on the calendar theme every day since Ash Wednesday I want to complete the task. The #cyblessings posts will be brief, to make time to do a Holy Week post each day.

The Christian Aid 'Count Your Blessings' Lent calendar tells me today that
"only one in five people in Burundi have more than US$1.25 (80p) to live on a day."
It suggests giving 50p if your salary (or pension) is above 80p a day. Mine is, so that's another 50p for Christian Aid.

Photo: my own


  1. Makes one wonder how those who live below the 80p manage.

    1. Yes indeed Chelliah - it would be impossible. I could avoid actually spending 80p each day for a few days, but only because of a substantial back-up like dried and frozen stored food.


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