Flying Bishops without the airplane?

Following yesterday's post I intended to do a round-up today of reactions to the amendments made on Monday to the draft measure to enable women to be consecrated as bishops in the Church of England.

David Keen at Opinionated Vicar has got there first, so I'm not going to waste time reinventing the wheel - if you're interested take a look at his round up with a range of links and thoughts from different perspectives here. Thank you David Keen.

My own thoughts and feelings on the matter have turned to deep disappointment that any amendments were added to the draft legislation. I think this already includes enough protection for those who believe they must be protected from female leaders in the church. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 is about to celebrate 60 years as 'supreme governor' of the Church of England.

(This post's title comes from a phrase in Telling Secrets' post 'Church of England lays another curate's egg'.)


  1. Replies
    1. Ray - it seems completely inconsistent to allow women to be monarchs, heads of state, directors of large companies etc. while not accepting women can be leaders in the church. You can pick holes in the last sentence that you call perfect Ray - the obvious one being that the Queen is not the spiritual leader of the C. of E. Neither is she 'head' of the church - Christ is.
      Nancy (no Sue - as you have recognized!)

  2. OOps attributed it to wrong blogger. Please forgive me Nancy.

    1. You are forgiven Ray. Actually I don't mind being called Sue - better than some other names I can think of.

  3. Thanks for this collection of interesting if sometimes depressing links, Nancy. It's at times like these that I'm glad to be retired and not having to deal with these matters in my working life. Sigh...

  4. Thanks for commenting Perpetua - yes some of the links were depressing. Waiting with bated breath for what may come next.

  5. Hi Nancy, it's offensive to ordain women, and then ban them from the Episcopate, it's makes me really cross. We need women at all levels of ministry. My first attempt to think through these issues--


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