Friday Five

Here's a Friday round-up of 5 blog posts that have caught my attention this week.

Tabloid Watch continues to blog about bad journalism. Today it picks up the nonsensical claim made in the Daily Express's front-page headline that there is an EU plot to scrap Britain and 'wipe us off the map'.

Gillan on God and Politics in the UK is always worth a read. He comments on Barack Obama's call to prayer yesterday for the US National Day of Prayer. He hopes David Cameron is listening. 

Dave Bookless on The Planetwise Blog asks 'In what sense is creation good?' He raises interesting questions about suffering, death and disorder. This led me to respond with 'Bird-watcher sets cat among pigeons'. 

On his satirical blog 'Of Course I could be wrong' MadPriest reacts to the appointment of a new Bishop of Chichester with Church of England Betrays Women (Again). Mmm...

That's it for today. Enjoy your weekend!


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