Dipping a toe into Pinterest

Diving straight in at the deep end isn't my style. I prefer to test the water temperature first, then immerse slowly. It's just as well some of us are cautious by nature or how would the human race ever survive? I'm definitely one for double-checking the identification of a mushroom that may or may not be edible before cooking a heap of them for supper.

It's the same with new social media. A few years ago I cautiously signed up to Facebook, lurked there, paranoid about privacy settings, reluctant to post images and hoping my children (who are adult) didn't feel I was spying on them. I'm now a Facebook native - or at least I do until the next time Facebook changes everything. Starting a blog 3 years ago came next. I set up the blog, posted my first post and hoped no-one would read it! I hadn't got a clue what I was doing but I learnt slowly. Keeping up the blog has enriched my life. Some of you read it and I'm pleased that you do. This blog has a page on Facebook. You can 'like' Seeker on Facebook if you want. Twitter came next. I signed up, hung around reading other people's tweets and really not seeing the point for a long time. Now I've found some really interesting Tweeps to follow. I don't tweet much and have never yet announced what I had for dinner on Twitter - that would be pointless. But I've come to see the usefulness of Twitter.

Now I'm dipping a toe into Pinterest. Writing a blog and learning to paint have taught me that I'm a far more visual person than I'd realized. Images are important to me, which is why I almost always add an image to my posts. Pinterest is about sharing visual stuff, so I thought I should give it a try. I have now signed up, set up some boards and pinned a few things. I'm undecided how to use it so will mostly be lurking for a bit I think. Any advice you can give on best use of Pinterest will be welcome. 

Am I the only one who approaches things with such caution?

Image Credit: redking on Flickr, CC Licence


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