Durham Cathedral

Do you know that feeling of glimpsing  something interesting on a journey but not being able to stop? A number of times I've travelled by train from London to Edinburgh and seen a magnificant view of Durham Cathedral and Castle from the train window. One day, I kept on saying, I want to visit there.

Well, today, I am on my way by train to a conference and will actually get off the train in Durham and stay there for a time. The conference should be good and I am looking forward to learning from and contributing to it. But what I am childishly excited about is visiting Durham Cathedral - a place that  has always drawn me, as it has drawn many tourists and pilgrims. At last I will get to visit and not just glimpse. 

Will I be disappointed? I'll let you know in a few days.


  1. you won't be disappointed. I visited a few years ago and still talk about it. Wonderful place with a wonderful feeling about it. Note the line behind which the women stood! the font and the columns, Oh the columns. Enjoy Nancy!

    1. Margaret - I wasn't disappointed, except by not having long enough to wander about as the conference had a very full program. Yes, I saw the line behind which women stood - but how wondeful that it is in that area that St Bede's remains are entombed. I'm too Protestant to think much of shrines, so I was surprised to find myself crying with joy at the shrine of St Cuthbert.

  2. It is a wonderful Cathedral, ranking in my mind with Canterbury and Winchester, yet with even earlier history.
    Slightly dark, and more than a little sinister in places, yet it has a really powerful atmosphere.
    Enjoy. (and photograph please)

  3. I did find it powerful Ray and am left with a strange mix of contradictory images, which being me I need to ponder. I did take photos, but not allowed to do so inside - I was told off by our pilgrim guide when I got out my camera!


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