Are you ready for Christmas yet? 

Far too early I know. 

ChurchAds.Net are ready.

They have just launched the 2012 poster for the Christmas Starts with Christ Campaign that has been running the last few years.

This one is likely to be as controversial as the posters of previous years, but that's the point - to get people talking about it and introduce the story of Jesus in a fresh way.

What do you think about this one? 


  1. I'm not sure what I think about this ad. I guess my immediate fear is that being the image of a 'toy' it (and therefore it's message) will be lost among the many other toys that will be advertised between now and Christmas.

    I am also a little mystified by the "he wees" reference... I am sure Christ cries for the world God created, (as well as the baby crying in the manger reference), and yes, he came to save the world, but "wees". Sorry, don't get it.

    Perhaps I'm being dense.

    1. I suppose the doll image is a reference to the commercial aspects of Christmas celebrations. The danger is that it it makes Jesus like a toy that does what we want and not a real baby who like any real baby will wet and dirty their nappies and cry at times inconvenient for the parents. Then there's the shock that a baby 'saves the world'. It's easy to want to keep Jesus as the sentimental picture of the baby in the manger, or even the doll playing the part in the children's nativity baby. But that baby grew up to challenge as well as save the world.

    2. Hi Ram,
      The "he cries,he wees,he saves the world"reference is meant to juxtapose the
      unique comination of humanity and divinity that Jesus represents. We know he ate,drank,laughed,cried etc so it's a fair bet he also performed a full range of bodily functions!
      After all what do we mean when we say he was fully God and fully man?

    3. Thanks Francis - you have expressed so much better than me what I was trying to say in response to 'ramtopsrac'.

  2. OK, I was being dense! What I now wonder is if people really think 'the world' needs saving. I'm not sure people actually think on that scale very often; their needs and desires are often rather closer to home. I wonder how we really enable God to reach into people's hearts, and suspect it isn't through a poster campaign, though I guess we have to start somewhere.

    1. Do people think 'the world' needs saving? Good question - and yes I think most people are caught up in personal survival or fulfillment. I think a poster campaign is just one small contribution to getting people thinking about the Christian significance of Christmas. As to whether we can really "enable God to reach into people's hearts" I think God doesn't need our help for that, but hopes we will co-operate or graciously get out of his way so we won't frustrate his work.


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