How to choose an Archbishop

Who will be nominated as the proposed next Archbishop of Canterbury? I have no idea. I don't envy the members of the Crown Nominations Committee meeting, now in the 2nd day of their final discussion on this matter. I wonder how they are getting on. Are they stumped?

Does @trustTomi on Twitter have secret information? Is that why she composed her fun limerick? Probably not, but I like it, so here it is:
There was once a church: C of E.
That sought it's next AB of C.
To carry the baton, and put the big hat on.
The bookies are stumped, so are we.
If the members of CNC are stumped and remembering the candidate doesn't have to be a bishop yet, perhaps they might consider an unlikely candidate. How about Rowan Atkinson? This would ensure:

  •  Continuity of tradition - a Rowan succeeded by a Rowan.
  • He's popular and understood even by people who don't understand English - look at his performance playing with the orchestra in the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony.
  • He isn't Welsh or Scottish. Atkinson is an English surname - son of Atkin (nickname of Adam - a down-to-earth name)
  • He is a master of dramatic timing and also of saying nothing at all when miming works better.
  • He's short and the current incumbent is tall, so that would represent change.
I'm not the first to think of Rowan Atkinson in this role and won't be the last, thanks to this hilarious video clip showing Edmund Blackadder being consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury.

When you've stopped laughing, pray for those involved in selection and the person who agrees to take on this arduous role.


  1. Hmmm A possible I suppose, but I think I'd prefer Harry Potter.

    I'm so glad I don't have to choose.


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