All Saints Day

Just a bit of fun for All Saints Day today, a patter song in Gilbert and Sullivan style. It's after the style of the 'Elements Song' by Tom Lehrer.

It names more than 100 'canonized' saints in 90 seconds. As today is about 'all saints' and not only those who have been dignified with some official recognition, it's the last line that I especially like. There are:
'many thousands more that are deserving of your attention".
This reminds me of the child whose definition of a saint was someone the light shines through. There are countless people like that, most are unknown and unrecognized. Thank God for them all. And enjoy!

For more thoughts on 'All Saints' see

Photo: my own, part of a stained glass window in Douai Abbey, Berkshire, England


  1. Oh, I did enjoy that, Nancy! As a great Tom Lehrer fan, I love the new version. :-)

  2. Love it, thank you for posting!

  3. Wonderful! Many thanks, Nancy. Shared on twitter and Lay Anglicana facebook page :>)

    1. Thanks - I'd forgottten about this post from last year. The patter song is fun isn't it.


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