Archbishop of Canterbury Speculation

When the name of the next Archbishop of Canterbury is officially announced, possibly tomorrow, the news will feel like old news. Since bookmakers closed betting on this at the start of the week, gossipers have been harder at work than ever. 

Rumours about who has been chosen have been widely published in the press, radio and TV today and yesterday and many clergy have tweeted and blogged about the leaked name.

Even the BBC today announced the (presumed) identity of the next Archbishop of Canterbury designate. The headline on the BBC website looks like an announcement but the reporter is careful to say 'it is thought...' - thus confirming that that even the once trusted BBC is reporting a leak, or gossip or speculation. Shame on you BBC. The Church of England website has joined in the gossip by publishing several links to speculative articles and comment in today's Daily Media Briefing. I suppose it's all about everyone racing to be the first with the news and informed or uninformed comment. And by publishing these links you could accuse me of doing the same.

The image of the icon of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket (famously murdered/martyred in Canterbury) is on this post as acknowledgement that it's a brave man (or one day perhaps a woman) who takes up this challenge. The person to be announced soon as "1st among equals", whoever he is, needs our prayers.


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