How to find out how your General Synod reps voted

Without comment I'm posting 2 links that some of you might find useful.

It is in the public domain how individuals voted at the Church of England General Synod on 20 November 2012 on the motion 
‘That the Measure entitled “Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure” be finally approved'.
You can find the list of how individual bishops, clergy and laity voted on the official Church of England website here.

The list of how people voted does not give the information on what diocese of the Church of England each represents. If you do not know who the General Synod representatives are from your own diocese, then thanks to Peter Owen you can find a complete updated list of General Synod members here.  Or you should be able to find local information on your own diocesan website.

UPDATE 27.11.12.
Peter Owen has now produced a really helpful webpage analysis with everyone listed by diocese, how they voted and records absences. So if you're interested, I recommend going there first.

There are interesting comments on the post Women Bishops: Electronic Voting Results on the Thinking Anglicans website.


  1. Bless you thanks for the links, has been most helpful in composing a letter to our NADAWM rep who has been charged with arranging a meeting for our Bishops with the interested parties... in FEBRUARY!

  2. I'm pleased you found the links helpful 'ramtopscrac'.


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