Prayer for General Synod: today's debate and vote

In this cycle of prayer that has led up to and is continuing through the current meeting of the General Synod of the Church of England, the focus is today's crucial debate in relation to the Women Bishops Measure and 'Final Approval Vote'.

In case you are wondering, the image is meant to be about people working together. It could also represent people looking up to God in praise and prayer.

Let us pray for today's Final Approval debate and vote at General Synod.

Let us pray for the grace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit for all members of Synod. May each listen attentively to one another and to God, speak the truth in love and may God's will be done.

We are all one in Christ Jesus;we belong to him through faith,heirs of the promise of the Spirit of peace.Common Worship

It's the 10th day of the NovemberNovena days of prayer for the Church of England General Synod. For an introduction to this see Prayer for General Synod: love and joy. I have posted the prayers plus some Bible verses every day of this so far. Scroll down the blog archive for November in the right hand side bar to see the posts from previous days. And pray!


  1. I'm praying, Nancy - oh, how I'm praying.

  2. I am so sad, Nancy. The same measure failed in Wales and the C in W is now even more irrelevant to many outside. I had so hoped England would show Wales the way as it did with the priesthood of women.

    1. I am beyond sad - absolutely gutted. Will post on this in due course when they've scraped me off the ceiling. Meanwhile I have a pre-scheduled post on praying for self-control to be published in a few hours - am letting that stand - then later I'll probably let rip!


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