Yes to Women Bishops

There's only a few days left before the General Synod of the Church of England takes a significant vote on whether or not to pass the measure that could enable women as well as men to be consecrated as bishops as well as preserving an honoured place for those who cannot accept this.

Both our current and future Archbishops of Canterbury are encouraging a yes vote. Every Diocese has representatives on General Synod. If you worship at a Church of England church and want to encourage your representative to vote yes, you can do so very simply and quickly through the Yes 2 Women Bishops website. You don't need even to know their names, just the name of your church and its diocese.

On the same topic - the Church Mouse doesn't blog often nowadays and I miss him, but he's put up a new post today Yes to Women Bishops Part 1. Even if you disagree with him, it's worth reading.

Whatever your views pray for members of all houses of General Synod as they consider how to vote.


  1. I really wish I could follow up hat link, Nancy, but as a member of the Church in Wales, I can only sit on the sidelines and pray. I do hope that Synod follows Scotland's example in this rather than that of Wales (where a similar measure failed at its third reading).

    1. I think the episcopal church in Scotland set a good example and with a simple measure. 1st female bishop in Scotland not yet appointed though.

    2. But the have had more female candidates for various episcopal elections, so I really do think it's just a matter of time.

  2. Thank you for this post + the opportunity to register a vote.

  3. Minnie - I hope you made your views known, whatever they are.


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