Ambiguous Signs

Ambiguous signs always amuse me. Those who post the signs think the meaning is clear, but people with my type of sense of humour will always see more than is intended.

Take this one for example, which I found while sorting my photos on this wet Saturday afternoon.

Is this sign a description to inform you that behind this fence live particular types of children and waterbirds - slow children and slow waterbirds?

Is it a warning about slow children and slow waterbirds?

Is it an instruction to be slow intended specifically for children and waterbirds to obey?

Is it a warning and instruction to walkers, cyclists and drivers to move slowly because children and waterbirds may be on the road?

And why oh why is it placed where it will only be seen by anyone coming out of a nursing home drive onto a narrow muddy lane where speed is impossible? Particularly as the ducks and geese are found on the drive, blocking vehicular progress, as often as on the nursing home pond?

If you have nothing better to do on this 5th day of Christmas, here are 2 other posts on signs that caught my attention:

Image Credit: my photo taken in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire, England


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