New Year's Eve 2012

Only a few more hours left of 2012. I haven't done a reflection on the past year. I haven't done a blog review. I haven't decided on a New Year Resolution or two. Does that matter? Not a bit.

I also don't plan to stay up until midnight. In fact I expect the New Year to creep in quietly while I am asleep. Does it matter if I miss the fireworks, or the parties or the watch-night services? Not a bit.

A few days ago I met a friend who said something along the lines of,
'with the economic forecast as it is how can we welcome the start of 2013'.
My off the cuff reply was,
'I suppose the same way as we welcome every new day throughout the year'.
I'm still wondering what I meant. How would you interpret that?


  1. Happy New Year, Nancy. I take it as meaning that to Christians at least every new day is to be welcomed as a gift from God, like life itself.

    1. Yes I think that thought was there for me, but also I'm questioning why the start of a new year should be any different from the start of a new day or new moment. See my post for 1 January 2013 with quote from Henri Nouwen on a related theme.


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