St Nicholas Day and Seeker's 400th Post

In the Netherlands it is traditional for children to leave clogs out on the eve of St Nicholas Day in the hope that on the morning of 6 December they will find the clogs filled with sweet things. 

If you want to know more about St Nicholas you could start with St Nicholas Day here which has links to some facts, many legends and an interesting comparison between St Nicholas (whose feast day is today) and Santa Claus.

This is the 400th post on this blog. That has nothing to do with St Nicholas Day and is of no real significance to anyone. Happy St Nicholas Day to all who read this today and congratulations to me for persistence if nothing else! And grateful thanks to people who have encouraged me to keep going and from whom I have learned so much.

Now - do you think there could be 400 smarties in those clogs? 


  1. Well if you eat them one at a time you will find out.
    A good recipe for life I think.

    Happy Sinta Klaas to you also.

    1. Good recipe for life? Eating 1 sweet at a time or taking 1 day at a time? Happy Sinta Klaus Day to you Ray and thanks for commenting.

  2. 400 posts! Well done, Nancy. Not sure I could manage 400 Smarties, though. :-)

  3. What I meant Nancy, was that taking time to enjoy the good things in life (eating Smarties one at a time, instead of bolting the lot in one go) was a wise way to go.
    Oh, and talking of wisdom, I should have said Happy Sinter Klaas, not Sinta. Whoops!

    1. It's so easy not to enjoy the good things in life - I've just remembered we've got some Sinter Klaas biscuits - time to enjoy a coffee and biscuit I think.


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