Healthy Immune System

This is day 4 of my Lent series of finding reasons to be grateful each day. If you read my post yesterday about being grateful for facial tissues, you will know I had a cold. This was very short-lived - only 48 hours - all symptoms gone. I now feel well. So today I am grateful for a healthy immune system. I'm also grateful for those who have prayed for me and sent good wishes. I suppose I should also be grateful for all those other cold viruses I have successfully fought off over the years, that my body's defence system has remembered. 

The illustration is of a leukocyte, a white blood cell, which plays an essential part in the human immune system. Never mind that this one looks pink. Mine seem to have been working hard and well. Thank God for a healthy immune system, not everyone is so blessed.


  1. Cool photo! And definitely something we all take for granted in terms of thankfulness! I'm doing a Lenten series with a weekly linky on Fridays if you want to post your links there and get some cross-traffic!

  2. Thanks for commenting Kiki. Yes, I think I mostly take good health for granted. I've taken a quick look at your blog - will return when I have more time and may cross-link.


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