Thankful for Winter Sunshine

There were many things I was particularly grateful for yesterday, but I'll let winter sunshine stand for them all.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so after church we (D and I) went for a pub lunch and a roam around some places we like. Only a few days ago these fields at Easington were covered in snow and the sky was grey.

It's often windy on the common at Brill hill, but yesterday it was still and bright.

There was even an ice-cream vendor parked here and doing good trade, although it is still cold.

What a difference the sun makes!

Even to snowdrops on the shady side of Ludgershall churchyard.

After all, without the sun there would be no life on this planet earth.

I love the prayer attributed to Francis of Assissi, the 'Canticle of the Sun'. One section of it praises God for the sun:
We praise you Lord for all your your creatures,
especially for Brother Sun
who is the day through whom you give us light.
And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendour,
of you most High he bears your likeness.
You can read the rest of the canticle here.

NB: This post is part of my efforts to notice things to be grateful for during each day of Lent.

Photos: my own


  1. Gorgeous photos, Nancy and today I can join in your thankfulness as we at long last have blue skies here in Wales. Yesterday we were the only area shown as cloudy on the weather forecast. :-)

  2. Enjoy the sun while it lasts Perpetua. You've had some horrible weather in Wales over the last few months - or so I understand.

  3. Lovely pictures and lovely post Nancy. Brill is one of my favourite places for good views over many miles, but at this time of year, even in the very welcome sunshine, I feel it should be spelt Brrrrill.

    1. It certainly can be very cold and/or windy there Ray - and gets more snow than those of lower down.

  4. It is lovely when the sunshine returns. Something to be really thankful for- Bessie has been sitting outside in it today with her little face turned upwards to the sun. I like this thankfulness idea, very important to learn gratitude for the ordinary and everyday things it is easy to take for granted.

    1. Thanks Suem. I think gratitude for the ordinary/taken for granted is something I am not always good at - hence this series.


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