Mothering Sunday 2013

Today I am thankful for all the mothering I have received in my life, especially from my own mother, but also from others in family, friends, work colleagues and church. So, on this Mothering Sunday, for all those who have nurtured and cared for me, I give thanks.

I'm also thankful for these posts about Mothering Sunday by other bloggers:

Global Justice and Mothers' Day by Krish Kandia has a challenging video clip about girls who have no choice about becoming mothers

Mothering Sunday by Kathryn at Good in Parts gives a simple but profound message about how God mothers us

Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day by Phillip Carter on the OUP blog writes about Constance Smith and the revival of Mothering Sunday 100 years ago with an explanation of how this is confused with Mothers' Day

A Sonnet for Mothering Sunday by Malcolm Guite is well worth a read

Mothering Sunday 2013 gives a Roman Catholic perspective on the Church as 'our Mother'

Today is also called 'Refreshment Sunday'. Whatever you call it, it's a good day for some rest, refreshment and gratitude.


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