Severing the Umbilical Cord - Again


a reflection on the death of my mother 

It was severed long ago,
that primary cord
linking to the nourishment
that grew me within your womb.

It was replaced long ago -
by deep attachment
linking with the love
that grew me outside your womb.

I have no memory
of that first cutting
of the umbilical cord
that connected me to your womb.

I do remember
the weaving
of those bonds of love
that matured me outside your womb.

I watch you dying
and feel that cord
pulsating with life
bringing me to birth from your womb.

I see you breath your last
and I sob like a newborn
gasping at first breath
as the umbilical cord is cut - again.


  1. I think Nancy, it is never truly cut. Our relationship with our parents can vary enormously, but the closeness of a child to its mother is at the very root of our being.
    Sadly, when the inevitable happens, memory is all that is left, but in time that too becomes another type of closeness.

    1. Is memory all that it left Ray? I don't think so. I carry her mitochondrial DNA which I have passed to my children. My personality has in part been shaped by hers and my lifestyle in part by her attitudes e.g. I still can't easily bring myself to throw away something that might come in useful one day!


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