What is a holiday?

What is a holiday for you? A change of scenery or routine? An escape from the usual? A break from work?

I seem to have  taken an unplanned break from blogging. I just haven't felt like making the effort and other matters have had to take priority - not least grief and dealing with clearing my mother's home. Now I am on holiday and enjoying walking in the alps, good food and company.

Yesterday my husband felt unwell so we decided not to go anywhere or do anything. He needed to rest and I was happy to stay put with him. This bothered him as a "waste of a day's holiday". My thought was that if you can't do nothing in a beautiful place on holiday then when can you rest.? After all what is a holiday for?

Photo: my own - walking boots resting on the balcony


  1. I'm with you, Nancy. A holiday is for doing what you want wherever you happen to be and if that means doing nothing at all, that's still a good holiday day. :-)

  2. Any change from the usual can be a holiday.

  3. Often there is no definitive time to go somewhere: for some, braving the icy streets of New York in December may be worth it just to visit Macy's for a spot of shopping; and while lovers of peace and tranquility will avoid crowded Europe's beaches in August, others enjoy the buzz of holidays with guaranteed sunshine and a busy nightlife. Holiday Square


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