I don't understand how any violent action by the USA or any other power could achieve anything in Syria other than escalating the already appalling situation there.

I also don't understand how it is more morally acceptable to kill people by cruse missiles than by chemical methods. Talk of swift 'surgical' strikes may sound clean, even healing, but isn't such language only using euphemism to disguise the true horror?

Perhaps I am naive. I certainly don't pretend to understand the complexities of Syrian politics or the balance of power in the wider region of the Middle East. I do know that men, women and children are going through hell and need all the humanitarian help that the international community can give. 

Oxfam is sponsoring a petition 'Don't let Syria Down' which urges President Obama, President Putin and other world leaders to use their political weight to push for peace talks now and help get all parties to the Syria conflict around the table to find a solution to the escalating crisis which is causing such dreadful suffering to so many. If you want to sign the petition you can do it here. Or you can support organisations bringing relief aid such as the Red Cross or Save the Children or many other reputable charities.

If you pray, you may find this prayer helpful, from the Church of England website.


Spirit of wisdom and grace,
the power of truth and judgement;
we pray for all who are working for peace
in the tangled conflict of Syria today.
For international leaders holding a thread of control,
for the politicians holding a thread of power,
for the religious leaders holding a thread of authority,
for the fighters holding a thread of influence,
and the citizens clinging to a thread of hope.
Bring unity through the untangled order of justice.
Bring reconciliation through truthful dialogue.
Bring new life through patient diplomacy,
determined mediation and courageous peace-making.
We pray in the name of Christ,
our source of inspiration and confidence. Amen.


  1. Thanks for this one Nancy. I have signed the Oxfam petition, have prayed and will continue to do so since this latest horror was unveiled.
    Certainly it is true that violence merely begets violence, and military intervention simply causes more suffering to the innocent and guilty alike.
    Like you I cannot pretend to begin to understand the labyrinthian politics at the root of Syria's problems.
    If it is naive to say that then I am sure we are but two among millions.
    The prayer you printed is a good one. It seems to cover everything that is needed here.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ray - sorry it's taken a few days to respond. I've had some further health problems, but currently improving a bit, so trying to catch up now. The Syria situation is increasingly worrying and won't be resolved quickly or easily. Much prayer and work for peaceful resolution and relief of suffering needed.

  2. Actually, I think Obama's proposal could end up affirming the terrorists by such military action. And yes, cruse missiles fired by the U.S. could be viewed as an act of terror too by Syrian civilians in particular.

    1. I agree with you. Obama may be more cautious than Bush, but I don't like some of the war-mongering rhetoric coming from the U.S. any more than I like the use of chemical weapons whoever uses them.
      Thank you for taking the trouble to comment, for which I am grateful as through it I have discovered your blog which at a quick look seems worth reading. You cover some topics I'm interested in so I will be following it at least for a while.


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