How not to welcome visitors

This must be the most unwelcoming sign I've seen inside a church.

A few days ago my husband and I were visiting the Czech Republic. We stepped inside a church in Prague. What was the first thing that greeted us? This sign in English,
I collect ambiguous signs as they appeal to my sense of humour. So I took this photo. Is it a slogan to rally people to stop tourists entering the church or visiting Prague which has a lot of tourists?

On further inspection it seemed intended only to stop visitors from entering the north aisle where restoration work was being done. OK. Understood. But I didn't feel welcome. Would you?

What's the most unwelcoming sign you've seen outside or inside a church?

Image: my own

PS. For other ambiguous or funny signs see:


  1. The sign outside an Edinburgh church - along the lines of "the doors will be locked 15 minutes after the start of the service." I wasn't tempted to give them a try, needless to say!

    1. So you are allowed to be late but not later than 15 minutes? Once we've got you inside we intend to keep you here? Indefinitely? Thanks for this. It's triggered an idea for another post about a recent experience of arriving as a visitor 25 minutes late. Watch this space.

    2. I will. Look forward to reading all about it.

  2. Locked doors. I don't understand why some churches are closed during the day.

    1. Locked doors are certainly unwelcoming.


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