St Matthew's Day Reflection

Who me?
You want me to follow you?
You must have got it wrong.
I can see you're a good person,
- not like some hypocrites. 
You need someone better than me. 

Who me?
Don't you know who I am?
I'm a traitor.
I work for the enemy occupiers.
I handle their dirty money.
You need someone better than me.

Who me?
You know I steal from our people.
I call it commission but I cheat.
I make people poorer by extortion.
I'm a despised tax-collector.
You need someone better than me.

Who me?
I'm a sinner - the lowest of the low.
You can't want me to be your disciple.
What me? Really?
You are calling me?
You need someone just like me?


The detail from Caravaggio's painting of the calling of St Matthew
says it all - the unexpectedness of the call, the sense of unworthiness, of the reaching of a pivotal moment, the dawning realization as the light shines on Matthew, a hand beckons and a voice invites,
"Follow me".
As I wrote in a St Matthew's day post last year
"Jesus was not as choosy about the company he kept as we are."
 And he still seems to call the most unlikely people.

Image Credit: wikimedia commons


  1. Great post Nancy. You have illustrated in words so perfectly what this picture says.
    Must admit I haven't seen it before. It's very striking. Thanks for the introduction.


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