Christmas Newsletters

The first Christmas cards and annual newsletters are starting to arrive in the post. Some people are so well organized. I wonder if the age of those round-robin Christmas newsletters is well past in this digital age? Probably not. Most of those we receive come in the form of an email sent to multiple recipients. So they continue but in a different way.

As far as I can remember we only once sent one as a family and that was at least a couple of decades ago. Such letters are hard to write if you have any sensitivity for the people to whom you send them.There are so many pitfalls - what to put in - what to leave out. If you had a miserable year do you moan about it and make the recipients feel guilty or sorry for you? If it has been a year full of happiness or remarkable achievements by yourself or your children, how do you say that without sounding unbearably smug and causing some to feel jealous while others may be delighted?

And when annual newsletters are often written in a hurry because Christmas is approaching too fast, what short cuts can you take? Well dear reader, the cartoonist Dave Walker has come to your rescue with an all purpose illustrated newsletter that you can freely download and print out. All you have to do is draw lines to connect the columns as appropriate for you. You can find it here. Enjoy. 


  1. Oh, how funny. :-) We do send out a Christmas newsletter, or nowadays more of a news-note, just with mention of anything special that has happened, good or bad. We get a good number too and always enjoy reading people's news.

    1. Actually I enjoy receiving and reading other people's Christmas newsletters, especially when they arrive by snail mail (post).


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