O Come O Come Emmanuel

The house is clean (ish), the tree decorated, presents wrapped, food stocks ready for the family who will arrive over the next 3 days. Advent is almost over. Christmas is nearly here, the great celebration of 'God with us', 'Emmanuel'. If you have been busy preparing, why not take 3 - 4 minutes to be still, rest, watch a flickering candle and listen to this beautiful  version of 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel'.

For another version of this last of the 'O Antiphons' for use in the 8 days before Christmas Eve see my post last year here.


  1. Very different from any version I've ever heard before Nancy. Quite raucous in places yet with a sort of robust purity. Fascinating!
    Thanks for that.
    Have a happy and blessed Christmas.

    1. It is different isn't it. Have a peaceful and joyful time this Christmas.

  2. Thanks for that Nancy. As Ray said, a very different take on it.. A very happy Christmas to you.

    1. I'm pleased you appreciated it. A very happy Christmas to you too.


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