Psalm of the Dawn: response to #BigRead14

As often as I can this Lent, I'm attempting a blog post in response to the poem/prayers published daily in #BigRead14.

The theme for the 2nd week using Stephen Cherry's 'Barefoot Prayers' is 'Awakenings'. In his book, in the introduction to this week's meditations, Stephen Cherry writes:
"Who can fail to be touched and renewed when they take the time to sit at a window, or in the open air, and watch the dawn happen?...To witness the dawn is to connect not just with the earth but with the universe. No wonder the Christian faith points and draws us to the dawn of dawns, the rising of the light that scatters all darkness."

Yesterday's poem, called 'Awakening' and read by Miriam Bier can be found here.

Today's is 'Psalm of the Dawn' read by David Wilkinson.  The psalm ends with 3 'beatitudes':
"How happy are they who see the dawn; those for whom night is gone. 
How happy are they who feel the warmth of the sun; those who know its strength will sing. 
How happy are they who greet the day, with faith and health restored; they will do your will."
I really enjoyed the warmth of the sun over this last weekend. With other good things and people it did make me feel happy. But as I read Stephen Cherry's words about responding with singing to the warmth and strength of the sun, I thought about those for whom life is not like that today, so I wrote these anti-beatitudes as a parody:
How sad are they who see no dawn; those for whom night is endless. 
How sad are they who feel the cold of darkness; those who know its loneliness will weep. 
How sad are they for whom the new day brings more doubt and disease; they will feel useless.
And in response to that, my brief prayer for those for whom today has brought no joy:

God of the dawn, 
bring light to those trapped in endless night, 
warmth and strength to those who grieve, 
faith, hope and purpose 
to those who need your healing touch today.


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