Shrove Tuesday 2014

If it's Shrove Tuesday then it must be the day for pancakes.

We have the eggs, flour, milk, fresh lemons and sugar all ready for tonight's pancake feast. 

And I'm still as undecided as yesterday about how to observe Lent which starts tomorrow. Maybe the pancakes will help.

Stephen Cherry's poem 'Feast', a reflection on making a pancake, is giving me food for thought. It is from his book 'Barefoot Prayers'. You can read the poem and listen to Ron Glusenkamp reading it here. I particularly like the central stanza:
A few more seconds 
and it is done. 
sugared and soured, it is 
ready for the feast... 
that initiates the fast. 
The long, slow, 
rambling fast, 
the map-less fast where no 
recollection can find the way ahead.
Rambling without a map and not knowing the way ahead? Perhaps being too organised about a Lenten discipline can be restricting, like setting out on a journey with too much baggage. What might be needed is to travel light keeping eyes and heart open to the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness did Jesus know where that desolate desert ramble would take him in body, mind and the depths of his spirit? 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


  1. The batter is in the fridge as I write, Nancy. :-) I'm still of a mind to be more disciplined about my use of time. I've done enough frittering recently and I know there are things I've neglected which deserve my time and attention. Watch this space....

    1. I'll be watching - I love your posts although I don't always comment.


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