St Patrick's Day

Not being Irish I don't usually take much notice of St Patrick's Day. I am not wearing green, nor sporting a shamrock, nor taking part in any St Patrick's Day parties. If you are I hope you enjoy today - happy St Patrick's Day to you.

Remembering that as a very young man Patrick was a slave for 6 years, I like the idea of celebrating St Patrick's Day by doing something about modern day slavery. Digitalnun in St Patrick and Slavery drew my attention to the fact that in all that is remembered about Patrick his time as a slave is often glossed over. Her post about St Patrick ends with these words:
"...maybe one of the best ways of celebrating St Patrick today would be to consider some of the things that gave his life shape and purpose. Prayer and service of others naturally top the list, especially during Lent, but I think we should also give serious consideration to the subject of slavery and doing what we can to eliminate it wherever it exists. That beats ‘the wearing of the green’ any day, for freedom is everyone’s birthright."
So that got me thinking - what might we do? Slavery still exists all around the world (including the UK), although it is more or less universally illegal.

Anti-Slavery has a lot of information about what modern slavery is and what individuals can do to campaign against slavery and for help for victims.

The Anti-Slavery Day website also has much information and suggestions of how to get involved in raising awareness and working towards eliminating slavery.

And in considering what gave Patrick's life shape and purpose - his Christian faith - here, beautifully sung and with powerful images is the prayer 'Patrick's Breastplate' also known as 'The Deer's Cry'.

Image Credit: Wikimedia


  1. I can only echo what you said. A lovely powerful message superbly delivered.
    Many thanks.


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