Ascension Day: music and paintings for reflection

Today (40 days after Easter) is Ascension Day when Christians celebrate Jesus' 'ascension' into heaven. 

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  1. Lovely music and lovely paintings. Thankyou Nancy.

    1. Thank you Ray. A couple of years ago I spent a lot of time looking for Ascension images to use on the blog or in church. There's a wealth of amazing paintings around. None really captured how I see the Ascension as so many may tend to reinforce a literalistic interpretation of 'going up' - probably never the artists' intention. Because Ascension is such a mystery (and metaphor) I prefer some of the more contemporary abstract images that convey the words, 'a cloud received him out of their site'. But the many different images in this video is very thought provoking and the music well conveys the mystery I think.


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