On taking an unplanned blogging break

I seem to have taken an unplanned blogging break. It's almost a month since my last post.

I did manage a short post about the courage of disobedient women in my regular slot on 14th May over there but not here. I have sadly neglected this space. Has anyone missed me?

No I have not been ill. No I have not been lazy. Yes, I have had a lot to say, so many interesting thoughts going round in my head. Yes I have often wanted to post in the last few weeks, but sometimes other things take priority. Things like our daughter's wedding at the start of this month which was a great joy, but as a matter of policy to protect the privacy of others I don't generally post details of family matters.

What did we do to recover from the wedding? We did a tour of WW1 Flanders battlefields. Now that has provided a great deal of material about which I hope to post in due course.

I don't apologize for my absence. If I feel guilty about it, it's a false guilt. Blogging is not a duty. It is though, very often a joy for me. I like to write, so I will be back. Watch this space.


  1. Since I've been very haphazard about posting and reading lately, I've only just read your return post, Nancy. :-) Quite rightly life takes precedence over blogging when it matters.

    1. I never want blogging to become a chore or a duty, so I think there will always be shorter or longer breaks depending on what else is going on.


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