Waiting with bated breath: Women Bishops and the Church of England

I really do not like the term 'women bishops'. It sounds as silly as 'lady vicars' or 'lady doctors'. When women are admitted to the episcopate, as they are in many parts of the Anglican church, they will simply be bishops. I hope and pray that after today we can stop talking about 'women bishops' as if they were a different species of church leader and get on with what the church is called to be and do.

That said, the words that will be spoken during today's debate in the Church of England General Synod on this subject will be significant and have lasting effect. I pray for grace, wisdom, kindness and truth to be evident. With some trepidation I shall be following the live video link today*, at least for the Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure.  The trepidation is caused by my memories of how it felt following this link in November 2012 - one of the most demoralising things I had experienced since my ordination.

Malcolm Guite recalled the church changing Synod of Whitby 850 years ago in his post yesterday 'Abess we need your help! St Hilda and the Synod!'  Hilda of Whitby presided at that Synod. Malcolm Guite's sonnet written in her honour seems particularly apt for today's debate in today's General Synod in York.

Today, I hope and pray that after the debate the overwhelming vote will be YES! 

*(Note: the live video  link to the synod proceedings only works while Synod is in session.)

Image Credit: https://twitter.com/RevStephenSorby/status/488593227231285248/photo/1


  1. I didn't hear the debate but from all accounts your prayer was answered, Nancy. I'm so very pleased.


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