Advent: what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Much of life is spent waiting:

  • Waiting in a check-out or check-in queue. 
  • Waiting for a delivery. 
  • Waiting for a response to a call, email or text.
  • Waiting for a bus or train.
  • Waiting for the car to be fixed.
  • Waiting for someone to do what they promised.
  • Waiting for someone to leave or someone to arrive.
  • Waiting for justice.
  • Waiting for pain to end, sickness to pass.
  • Waiting for a war to be over.
  • Waiting for an expected birth or death...
You can go on.
I won't.

What are you waiting for?

Waiting is a recurring theme in Advent, the four weeks of preparation before Christmas.

Advent waiting is a particular sort of waiting.

It may be silent or noisy, calm or exciting, but never passive. It isn't waiting for Christmas. It's more like looking forward and preparing for a guest. This guest has promised to come but doesn't say when.

This Guest is so much more than an ordinary guest.

This Guest comes in ordinary ways:

  • just one among many newborn babies
  • quietly in the heart
  • in disguise as a person in need or through any person
  • He comes through sights and sounds.
  • He comes through words, prayers and pictures.
  • He comes through music and sculpture.
  • He comes through science and the natural world.
  • He comes in many ways. 
Sometimes we notice. Sometimes we don't.

This Guest also comes in extraordinary ways:
  • through miracles
  • through love and forgiveness
  • through reconciled enemies
  • through transformed lives and communities
  • and one Day will come in great power and glory.

To 'wait for the Lord' is to be:

  • attentive and watchful
  • alert and awake
  • fully present in the present moment
  • prepared and ready
  • praying, working and living for God's reign of love, justice and peace to fully come.
For Christians that is the primary Advent task. 

I love this song from the Taizé community, 'Wait for the Lord'.
"Wait for the Lord,whose day is near.Wait for the Lord,keep watch, take heart."

Image Credit: Pixaby, public domain


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