Mothering Sunday 2015

I love this sculpture of a mother embracing a child because it is beautiful. It conveys the protectiveness of the mother cradling her child in a safe but not restricting space. It speaks of mutual love and trust. I also like it because of its ambiguity. From this image it is impossible to know how either mother or child are feeling - joyful or sad - confident or fearful? Feeling comforted or in need of comfort? Peaceful or suffering? That is why I choose to post it today.

In Britain it is Mothering Sunday, which always falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent ('Refreshment Sunday'). It can be a day of joy or of reawakened grief. The word 'mothering' can trigger so many different emotions, positive and negative. 

Here's a Bible quote for Mothering Sunday:

"As a mother comforts a child
so will I comfort you, says the Lord." Isaiah 66: 13

And here's a Hymn for Mothering Sunday

Mothering God, you gave me birth
in the bright morning of this world.
Creator, Source of every breath,
you are my rain, my wind, my sun.

Mothering Christ, you took my form,
offering me your food of light,
grain of life, and grape of love,
you very body for my peace.

Mothering Spirit, nurturing one,
in arms of patience hold me close,
so that in faith I root and grow
until I flower, until I know.

And lastly a prayer for Mothering Sunday

God of love,
passionate and strong,
tender and careful:
watch over us and hold us
all the days of our life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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    1. Thank you 'UK Viewer'. May your Mothering Sunday be all it needs to be for you, yours and those you serve.


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