Holy Week: Maundy Thursday: Jesus washes the disciples feet

On Thursday of Holy Week Christians remember 'The Last Supper' - the last meal Jesus shared with his friends before his arrest. One of the things that Jesus did during that supper, according to John 13: 1 - 11 was to take the role of a slave and wash his disciples' feet.

Joan Bidwell wrote a beautiful poem reflecting on this event:


In the quiet place
at close of day
he washes the feet of my mind from the dust of its feet.
His infinite eyes
see the staining and wounds of the road, his hands
bring smarting
and cleansing
and balm.
The grace of his health
restores my soul
her place in the circling stars of perpetual praise.
Then, taking again the seamless robe, the Alpha-Omega,
Master and Lord,
we talk together,
friend with friend.

Poem by Joan A. Bidwell

Image Credit: Jesus Washing the Disciples’ Feet by Leszek Forczek,