5 Short Prayers for Everyday Activities

If you pray, what prompts you to do so?
A particular place, time, need, or something else?
Are your prayers kept in a compartment labelled 'holy'?
Do you also integrate your prayer life with everyday life?

There are some activities most people do every day:

  • waking up
  • washing
  • eating
  • going out and coming home
  • going to sleep

Ordinary everyday events can be triggers for prayer.

I have found it helpful to use a brief prayer while doing things I do every day. Like 'coffee to go' you could think of such prayers as 'prayer to go'.

Need some ideas?

Here are 5 short prayers for everyday activities:

1. Prayer to use on waking up

Thank you God for this new day.
Open my eyes to see you, 
my ears to hear you, my heart to receive you
and my lips to praise you, in this new day.

2. Prayer to use while washing or showering

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

3. Prayer to use before eating

Bless this food to our use, and us in your service.
Give us grateful hearts and awareness of the needs of others.

4. Prayer to use on going out or coming home

Lord, bless our going out and coming in, now and always.

5. Prayer to use before going to sleep.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

So there you have 5 short prayers for everyday activities. These are just a few suggestions. You can use your own words or favourite short prayers to pray through your everyday activities.

If you have favourite one sentence prayers I would love to see them in your comments.


  1. I tend to pray in short one-liners throughout the day, there is only one where I use the same words every day.
    Each morning as I bow my head to the alter on entering the church I say, "Lord bless all who enter here today who are of good intent".
    A bit of a strange one, but given the nature of some of our 'visitors' quite apt I think

    1. Thank you for sharing this one-liner prayer Ray. How do you think we should pray for those who are not 'of good intent?

  2. Perhaps those without 'good intent' are more in need of God's blessing.

  3. I was thinking something similar 'Pidge'. Don't all people need God's blessing? I think when we ask God to bless someone we are not asking for blessing on any evil intent they may have. We are asking blessing for the person. So the request for 'blessing' may encompass a request for a change of heart in someone entering a church without 'good intent'. I wonder what others think.

  4. Maybe I should add "and bless and deflect the plans of those who re not"

    1. Or alternatively, 'Lord, bless all who enter here today and deflect the plans of any who have evil intent.'

    2. Or alternatively, 'Lord, bless all who enter here today and deflect the plans of any who have evil intent.'


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