Taking time to appreciate simple things

Yesterday after some energetic gardening I made and ate a cucumber sandwich, using a cucumber from our garden.

I ate this cucumber sandwich mindlessly while scrolling through messages on my smartphone.

In retrospect I can say the cucumber sandwich was delicious, but I’m ashamed to say I failed to notice and appreciate it at the time. My mind was on other things. That is not a good way to eat. That is not how to enjoy the good things of life. That is not how to engender gratitude for the simple delights of everyday. It is the antithesis of living in the present moment.

I had forgotten about that cucumber sandwich (which I had hardly noticed). This morning I remembered it when I read the 'iBenedictines' blog. There I found a timely reminder to take time to savour and be grateful for whatever is there in the present moment. It seems that 'Digitalnun' had also prepared and eaten a cucumber sandwich yesterday, but she had noticed and savoured its delight.

When I read Digitalnun's post 'The True Significance of a Cucumber Sandwich' I remembered I had eaten a similar sandwich yesterday and felt chastised about my own lack of gratitude yesterday.

Digitalnun's post is about the modest delight of preparing and eating a simple meal made from home-made ingredients. It is also about much more than that, so read it for yourself to see what I mean.


  1. Savouring the moment is very important, it is something I tend to do more during the summer holidays. I hope we can all relish the amazing cucumber sandwich of life in general!

    1. Yes, I think it is always easier to savour the present moment when on holiday. The challenge is to learn to be fully present in the present moment in all circumstances. i have a long way to go on that.


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