Kindness in courtesy

An act of kindness can be something simple, like an act of courtesy.

This morning I went on an adventure. Well, it felt adventurous. I entered a supermarket to do some shopping for the first time since December. It was a relief to find I'd not forgotten the behaviour protocols for Covid risk reduction. I'm grateful that other masked early morning shoppers were careful to observe the 2-metre apart distance rule. How strange that the kindess of courtesy now includes keeping physically distanced from other people.

The highlight of today's supermarket trip was provided by the young man working the checkout till. The staff in that particular place are always courteous, but he seemed especially so, going the extra mile in what he said to me and how he looked at me. Even though he was masked, the smile on his face was obvious by his eyes. I give him full marks for courtesy, because today his courteous behaviour felt like a kindness, a lovely gift just for me.

That young man's courteous kindness really cheered the start of my day as I am sure it would have done for his other customers. It also reminded me that courtesy, like kindness is catching. It sends out positive ripples far beyond the original kind action. It reminded me of the words of Jesus,

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." Luke 6: 31 

Image Credit: Nikolai Romensky on Wikimedia Commons, CC License