Missed marking the 200th Post

Yesterday's post was the 200th published on this blog. So this is number 201. Not many in 2 years and 5 months - not compared with people who regularly blog daily. But more than I thought I'd manage when I cautiously began blogging back in May 2009.  

I'm annoyed I missed marking the 200th post in some celebratory way yesterday. I blame my house keys - they decided to get lost. (Yes, it must be their fault. It couldn't possibly be mine, could it?) So I blogged about lost keys instead. A comment on that post suggested I should change the blog name to 'Finder' but I'm sticking to Seeker. The reason I chose that name is still important to me. You can find the explanation on my 'About' Page. To save you time, here is what I wrote there:

"Why is this blog called Seeker?I chose the name when I started blogging as a complete novice in 2009. I've stuck with it. It fits. A saying of Jesus I find challenging is "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" (Matthew 6: 33). 'Seek' in this context means 'strive for', not just a leisurely exploration. So I'm sticking with the name because it challenges me. I hope some of my posts may challenge you. On the other hand (you can tell I'm an Anglican) I am comforted by belief that the true 'Seeker' is God who reaches out in love to 'seek and save that which is lost'. So even when I mess up, which I do, I know there's a way back which God has prepared. I hope you will also find that Way and that Love."

Tomorrow I hope to do a round-up of other bloggers who have helped me on my way, challenged or amused me. Watch this space...


  1. Belated congratulations Nancy. Keep em coming!

  2. Thank you Ray. Have you any suggestions for improving how I do this blog? Or how it looks?

  3. Keep on blogging for the sake of us all!

  4. Nancy, it looks absolutely fine, and the content is always worth waiting for.
    You certainly don't need my advice.

  5. Digitalnun - you are so kind.
    Ray - I'm never satisfied, always wanting to tweak it here, tweak it there. You probably do have good advice.

  6. Sorry to be late with my congratulations, Nancy. Well done and keep blogging. I haven't even reached 40 yet :-)

  7. Thanks Perpetua. I hope you will keep blogging too. I love your recent post with photos of Prague.


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