Easter and Pentecost


A Collection of Posts

Easter Day (1st Sunday of Easter season)

Easter Sunday 2013

Alleluia! Christ is Risen
Why do you look for the living among the dead?
Christ is Risen

How to Get Real at Easter

2nd Sunday of Easter

Thomas: who voiced what others dare not ask

Thomas and a round-up

3rd Sunday of Easter

(work in progress)

4th Sunday of Easter

Shepherd and Sheep

5th Sunday of Easter

(work in progress)

6th Sunday of Easter

(work in progress)

Ascension Day

Ascension Day: music and paintings for reflection

Ascension Day 2012

Ascension Day

Dangerous Ascension Day

7th Sunday of Easter

PENTECOST (not really Easter, but fits here)

Pentecost Sunday 2014

Pentecost Sunday

Holy Fire at Pentecost

The Spark that Ignites

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